Frequently asked questions

1. Who is providing the service and how does contracting work?

2. How can I contact you?

3. What is the transfer booking confirmation?

4. What is the ’Your e-ticket is ready’ notification email?

5. What is the E-ticket?

6. What is the online customer service system?

7. I have not received my e-ticket yet.

8. I have not received notification about the e-ticket but I am travelling in less than 3 workdays.

9. My e-ticket contains incorrect travel data!

10. Why do I need to take the printed e-ticket with me?

11. I would like to change my booking data.

12. The given timetable of the bus service does not cover my flight.

13. I have booked a low cost bus transfer but would like to use a shared door-to-door instead. Is this possible?

14. I need to enter the hotel name and address for my door to door booking but I do not succeed.

15. What can happen if I do not provide the correct, full destination/pick-up address for my door-to-door transfer booking in time?

16. Until when do I need to give my destination/pickup address for my door to door booking?

17. I would like to travel to an address outside the city limits with my door to door booking. Can I book a transfer?

18. I have already made a booking for a door to door transfer but the address is not within the city limits or the defined zone.

19. I am not sure if the hotel/private address I would like to travel to is within the city limits or the defined zone.

20. I have logged in to the e-ticket download page, but I cannot download the e-ticket.

21. On the e-ticket download surface, I can see links to several documents. Which of these do I need to download and print?

22. I would like to book a transfer but I cannot find the specific transfer in your booking system.

23. I did not receive an invoice about the transfer.

24. A larger group of us would like to travel together. Can we book a transfer?

25. I am using a wheelchair. Can I travel with your transfers?

26. I would like to travel with my pet.

27. I would like to travel with special (excess size/amount/shape) luggage.

28. I would like to make a complaint!

29. I would like to cancel my booking





We can accept cancellations for your booking until 3 working days before departure. All cancellation requests must be sent in writing to

If you cancelled your transfer in writing a minimum of 3 working days before departure you can use the paid but not fulfilled transfer within 1 calendar year or give it to someone else. Check the process of re-using below.







Please note that we can accept cancellation requests a minimum of 2 working days prior to departure.

In case of cancellations within 2 working days before departure, the transfer fare of the cancelled transfer cannot be re-used and is not refundable (not even with cancellation fee).




Re-using cancelled a transfer


If you would like to use the already paid transfer, you need to send us an e-mail minimum of 5 working days before travelling, to, including:

- The previous confirmed cancellation e-mail,
- The new travel data
- The travel date and time,
- The flight number,
- The passengers’ names and contact.


Your new E-ticket will be sent a minimum of 2 working days before his new travel date.

In case you do not wish to use your cancelled transfer or give it to someone else, you have the opportunity to use a credit equal to the price of the cancelled transfer booking, within one calendar year, for the purchase of any of our transfer services.

The credit can only be used for one purchase. If the price of the new transfer is higher than the credit amount, you will need to pay the price difference. If the price of the new transfer is less than the credit amount, the remaining credit cannot be used for any later purchase.

In case your flight was cancelled, you should contact us to organise the new transfer as soon as the new flight has been confirmed.